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Coaching Courses (Rugby Smart/Teenage/Small Blacks)

24 Mar 2015

2015 RugbySmart – Teenage – Small Black Courses


1.  Rugby Smart and Teenage Coaching Courses 2015

Once again we will be asking all coaches from under 14 and above to attend the compulsory NZ Rugby 'RugbySmart' course. The course has been modified to include a ‘pub quiz’ format which will see greater interaction amongst those attending.

Coaches of U14 to U18 teams will be required to attend acompulsory Teenage course in addition to RugbySmart course. As was the case last year the Teenage course will be held immediately after each RugbySmart course so those coaching in this age bracket simply stay on. All courses apart from Division 1 RugbySmart are open to any coach.

Date Sub Union Time Venue Notes
4/03/2015 Ellesmere & North Canterbury 7.30pm Dunsandel RFC Div 1 Coaches RugbySmart
11/03/2015 Metro 7.00pm HSOB's RFC Div 1 Coaches RugbySmart
23/03/2015 Metro 7.00pm New Brighton RFC RugbySmart/Teenage
26/03/2015 Metro 7.00pm Papanui  Club RugbySmart/Teenage
30/03/2015 North Canterbury 7.00pm Saracens RFC RugbySmart/Teenage
31/03/2015 Metro 7.00pm University RFC RugbySmart/Teenage
1/04/2015 North Canterbury 7.30pm Culverden RFC RugbySmart/Teenage
1/04/2015 Ellesmere 7.00pm West Melton RFC RugbySmart/Teenage
7/04/2015 North Canterbury 7.00pm Woodend RFC RugbySmart/Teenage
8/04/2015 Ellesmere 7.00pm Dunsandel RFC RugbySmart/Teenage
8/04/2015 Metro 7.00pm Sydenham RFC RugbySmart/Teenage
9/04/2015 North Canterbury 7.00pm Amberley RFC RugbySmart/Teenage
11/04/2015* Ellesmere 10.00am Prebbleton RFC RugbySmart/Teenage
15/04/2015 Ellesmere 7.00pm Darfield RFC RugbySmart/Teenage
17/04/2015 Ellesmere 7.00pm Waihora RFC RugbySmart/Teenage

* Saturday

2.  Small Blacks Courses 2015

These courses are again compulsory for anyone coaching from U13 to U6 level.  Just for clarification the three levels are:

Beginning Rugby U6 – U7

Learning Rugby   U8 – U10

Playing Rugby    U11 – U13

Police Vetting will again be under taken for anyone coaching at any level of Small Blacks Rugby.  Please ensure that coaches bring along their Driver’s Licence, as proof of ID, to these courses.

CRFU would like to encourage coaches to attend the sessions as soon as they can so they can take the new information back to their teams.  The courses have also been arranged so they are open to everyone regardless of where they are coaching

Date Region Beginning Learning Playing Venue
1/04/2015 North Canterbury 5.30pm 6.30pm 6.30pm Culverden
7/04/2015 Ellesmere 6pm 7pm 8pm Dunsandel
9/04/2015 Ellesmere 6pm 7pm 8pm Darfield
11/04/2015* Ellesmere 12.00pm 1.00pm 2.00pm Prebbleton
11/04/2015* Metro 10am 10am 10am Linwood
13/04/2015 Ellesmere 6.15pm 7.15pm 8.15pm Rolleston
14/04/2015 Ellesmere 6pm 7pm 8pm Waihora
14/04/2015 North Canterbury 6.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm Saracens
15/04/2015 North Canterbury 6.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm Kaiapoi
16/04/2015 Ellesmere 6pm 7pm 8pm West Melton
16/04/2015 North Canterbury 6.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm Amberley
18/04/2015* Metro 10am 10am 10am Belfast
21/04/2015 Metro 6.30pm 6.30pm 6.30pm Burnside
22/04/2015 Metro 6.30pm 6.30pm 6.30pm Suburbs
23/04/2015 North Canterbury 6.30pm 6.30pm 6.30pm Saracens

* Saturday


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