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Luisetti Seeds Div 1 - Underway from this Weekend!

27 Mar 2015

Hornby Div 1Hornby re-introduces itself to the Luisetti Seeds Combined Country competition this weekend when they travel to Omihi to take on Glenmark in round one.

It should be an emotional afternoon for Hornby as huge efforts have been made by administrators, coaches and players to return the club to the top echelon of Country rugby.

“It (the pre-season) has gone better than what we thought it would,” coach Tim Keery (coaching with Lui Peroera and Aaron Risdon this season) says.

After a quality all-round performance against Kaiapoi recently, Hornby travelled south and had a convincing win against a reasonably strong Celtic squad last weekend.

“We are tracking well, but we have put the work in,” Tim (who is an IRB Level 2 qualified coach) says. “We have been running up hills and had a camp at Burnham.”

Part of the reason for Hornby’s quality preparation is due to the enthusiasm of its coaches and, in Tim’s case, his IRB training. “It (the training) has helped me a great deal.” Tim says. He has coached junior rugby and Kaiapoi’s Division 2 side, although coaching at this level was certainly a step up.

Hornby’s players come from various sources. “Some are local boys, while others have returned to the club to play. Others have come from town. All over the place really.”

With a Division 3 side, but without a Division 2 squad, it was important that Hornby proved to administrators that its Division 1 side could, more or less, be self-sufficient. “The spirit within the side is very good. As this is our first season back in this grade we don’t have any expectations as such, but we want teams to know that they have played Hornby.”

Co-captained by Jade Britain and Kane Robinson, the 30-man Hornby squad has been buzzing for some time now. “We just want to get started,” Tim says. “Heading up to Glenmark at the weekend will be a great way to begin the competition.”

Tim says that the club itself and the local community is also extremely excited about the club’s re-entry into Country’s top competition. “So much work has gone into this that Saturday will be an emotional day for so many people.”

Hornby club captain Craig Cuff says that Tim, his coaching staff and their players have done a tremendous job at preparing for the season and helping return Hornby to this competition.


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