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Women's Competition Update

4 Jun 2009

WomensThe women’s club competition remains one of the best in the country, although the format of the second round this season is yet to be decided.

A meeting was to be held in Christchurch last night, where various options were to be discussed and decided upon by interested stake-holders.

Last season the top six in the first round played in a round-robin in the second round, with the bottom four left to contest their own competition.

While it would be ideal if there were 12 teams in the competition and the split could be a neat six, unfortunately at the current time that is not an option.

“We need to discuss what works for what clubs and whether there would be an advantage in changing the format that we used last season,” Canterbury Women’s Rugby Board member Kay Goodhue says.

The advantage in having the top six play each other is that it avoids too much regularly and it generally increases the standard of competition. The disadvantage is that the standard in the bottom four does not improve.

A further option may be to have the 10 teams split into two pools of five. “The disadvantage of that is that it means that each of the teams has a bye and the fact is that the girls really need to be playing each week,” Kay says.

Kay believes that it is likely that the same format as last season will be used, with increased emphasis being put on those clubs without a women’s team to organise one for next season so that there is a 12 team competition.

“I would love to see the likes of New Brighton and Shirley have teams in the competition.”

In club action last weekend, University beat Burnside 72-5, Christchurch beat Hornby 76-0, Sydenham beat Marist Albion 83-0, High School Old Boys defeated Belfast 50-5 while Kaiapoi beat Linwood 57-0.


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