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Christchurch Football Club Celebrates 6 Decades of NZ Representatives

8 Jul 2009

The Christchurch Football Club’s All Black and Black Fern Dinner held recently at their Christchurch Park clubrooms was a big success.

Amongst the 150 guests in attendance were 10 All Blacks and 6 Black Ferns. They included All Blacks John Hotop (1955) Tiny Hill (1958, 59) Bruce McPhail (1959) Bruce Watt (1963, 64) Bluey Arnold (1963, 64) Bill Birtwistle (1965) Scott Cartwright (1976) Richard Wilson (1976-1980) Jock Hobbs (1983-86) Richie McCaw (2001- 2009), and Black Ferns Christine Ross (1991, 92, 96) Melissa Ruscoe (2004-09) Stephanie Mortimer (2004, 05, 06) Kim Smith (2005-08) Kendra Cocksedge (2007, 08) Stephanie Te Ohaere-Fox (2008).     

CFC Business Manager Eddie Cropley said "Thanks to the fantastic support of Guthrey Export United Travel we were able to bring our out of town All Blacks to Christchurch for this unique occasion".

Adding “Hearing the players talk about their experiences and times in rugby and the pride in playing for the club, province and country was very special”.

Former All Blacks Tane Norton, Gary Seear and Jock Ross were also amongst the audience who were thoroughly entertained by MC Pete Smith guest speaker Jock Hobbs and the Minstrel.

Christchurch Park chef Jacqui Newland treated guests to a sumptuous 3 course meal and the evening also included a fundraising auction, conducted by Bayleys Auctioneer Bob Eastgate, which generated plenty of banter with signed All Black jerseys, Hummer Day hire attracting the most interest of bidders.    

Reps From left; Bruce Watt, John Hotop, Bluey Arnold, Scott Cartwright, Stephanie Mortimer, Christine Ross,Stephanie Te Ohaere-Fox, Melissa Ruscoe, Kim Smith, Richard Wilson, Kendra Cocksedge, Bruce McPhail, Richie McCaw, Tiny Hill, Bill Birtwistle, Alan McCall (CFC Patron), Jock Hobbs. (Photo: Kevin Clarke - CMG Sport)
RuscoeMcCaw Not many clubs can boast having both the Black Fern and All Black captains in their ranks. Melissa Ruscoe & Richie McCaw pictured here at the Dinner.
(Photo: Kevin Clarke - CMG Sport)

Jockhobbs Guest speaker Jock Hobbs recounts fond memories of the Christchurch Football Club at its recent Fundraising Dinner.
(Photo: Kevin Clarke - CMG Sport)
PeteSmith Local sports presenter and commentator Pete Smith addresses the large crowd at the dinner. (Photo: Kevin Clarke - CMG Sport)

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