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Metro Colts Premier Championship

16 Jul 2009

BurnsidecoltsIt’s nearly crunch time in the Premier Colts competition this season and for Burnside this weekend presents a real opportunity to stake its claim for a semi-finals spot.

The red and whites take on Sydenham, who currently sit second on the table and a win against one of the hi-flyers will see them in a good position.

“The boys will be excited this week about the challenge of playing Sydenham,” Burnside co-coach Jon Preston says. “We are at the stage of the season when these sorts of matches become must-wins.”

Last season Burnside was narrowly beaten in the final of this competition and so expectations are always high at this famous club. Jon says that it has been a season of ups and downs for his side so far.

“It’s been a mixed bag really. We’ve put in some really good performances, although there have been matches when we have really let ourselves down.”

Their win against Christchurch three weeks ago was probably their best of the season, although they followed that up by losing to High School Old Boys.

“To be fair, High School Old Boys really played well that day and they deserved to win. What we are looking for as coaches is more consistency from our side.”

Withy only a few matches remaining in the second round, this Saturday presents a very real opportunity for Burnside to step up and present its credentials.

“The competition this season is really close,” Jon says. “High School Old Boys started well and have come back a bit. Lincoln University has been going well, although they have had injuries, as a lot of teams have.

“Sydenham is of course right up there, while University has also been going really well. Then there is Christchurch, which beat High School Old Boys recently.”

Burnside beat Shirley 43-15 last weekend in what was a good build-up to the sterner challenge ahead this weekend against Sydenham. Jon says different players are putting their hands up each week.

“I wouldn’t like to single out players who are playing well,” Jon says, “as there are a number of players who are doing the job. As I said earlier, the key for us is to be consistent, both individually and as a unit.”

This competition is like last season becoming one of the closest in Metro rugby. While High School Old Boys may be the side to beat, you would not write off Sydenham, University or Burnside itself. It is not impossible therefore to imagine a repeat of a final as good as the one between University and Burnside last season. 


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