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MLU Prizegiving a Little Different this Year

12 Oct 2009

It's the norm for this time of year for clubs to hold awards ceremonies, but for the Merivale Lincoln University Club, this time last year was anything but normal.

With the University deciding to re-establish rugby under the University banner, it meant that Merivale would be devoid of open grade players, and the club itself may be in jeopardy, but fortunately this was not the case. The Junior section, well led by a strong committee, have not only continued (fielding teams from Under 18 down to Under 6), but have succeeded in creating a warm friendly community environment, that all players, parents and supporters are proud to be a part of. So this year, there was definitely something to celebrate!

Also special was the wine bottled in recognition of their volunteers. The idea came from the club’s Marketing Manager Carrie Speirs, who prepared the text and created the design of the label, and they were then printed by Leading Labels, and applied to the bottles by the committee.

The label (pictured) speaks of a vintage that is testament to all who have worked so hard to grow and harvest their precious commodity. As a community club, MLU are very much all about recognizing their volunteers, of which their commitment, dedication and effort is outstanding all levels, and the wine is a token of the club’s appreciation.



MLU Wine



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