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Burnside's First Father and Son Senior Players

10 Aug 2010

BurnsideBurnside achieved another first recently: the first time a father and son have played senior rugby for the club.

Malcolm Nuetze was a full-back/ wing for the club in the early 1980s, while first five-eight Mitchell (19) has recently been promoted to the club’s senior side.

Malcolm says that his family is incredibly proud to have provided the first father and son to have played for the club. “It is special,” he says. “It is unique and it is not something that we thought about until they mentioned it at the club the other week, but it is nice all the same.”

Malcolm says that he always enjoyed his rugby and has taken great pride seeing the way that Mitchell has developed as a rugby player. “He made a number of representative teams growing up and he enjoys his rugby and his cricket and so that is really pleasing for us.”

The Nuetze family remain committed to rugby and spend much of Saturday playing and coaching the sport. “We all love the game and so that makes making such a commitment easy,” Malcolm says.

As you might expect, some at the Burnside club make comparisons between Malcolm and Mitchell. Malcolm laughs when asked about their similarities.

“He’s a bigger lad than I was but not as tough,” he laughs. “We are different, although the thing that we have in common I think is that we both had vision and we are able to some degree to see what is ahead of us.”

Those who have watched both father and son say there are similarities between them, although the fact that they played different positions makes it hard to compare.

It is interesting to note the players that father and son have played with. Malcolm played with the likes of Dave Farrant and Shayne Philpott, while Mitchell is now playing with talents such as Tom Taylor.

Sport remains a big part of the Nuetze family. Malcolm coaches the Burnside under-20s side. “I still love the sport and it is great fun, although it makes Saturdays very busy.”

When Mitchell was playing for the Colts side their games were always at 1.00pm and Malcolm was able to get to both his game at 2.45pm and Mitchell’s match.

“That’s now changed as both the Division 1 side and my side play at the same time and that sometimes makes it difficult.” How does he watch both? “With great difficulty!” Malcolm says, before admitting that he regularly gets to both games after some careful planning.

“They say that a club really comes to live when the second and third generations come through,” Malcolm says. “It is nice to be a part of that history.”


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