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Hawkins Division 1 Final - Sydenham

1 Aug 2014

Sydenham Div 1Sydenham’s participation in the Metro Hawkins Division 1 Trophy Final on Sunday is eagerly being looked forward to by its players, both professional and amateur.

“We have a nice mix between our Crusaders and our amateur players and they are all very excited about playing in the final,” co-coach Dale MacLeod says.

Sydenham made the final with a commanding win against reigning champion New Brighton in its semi-final. “The boys played well,” Dale says. “We have played with intensity in patches this season but on Saturday we had it for longer and it surprised New Brighton I think.”

Dale says that while beating last season’s Hawkins Trophy winner was satisfying, any semi-finals win would have been pleasing. “Some said that our (semi-finals win) was an upset but we thought we had been progressing well during the season and so we were not as surprised as others may have been with the result.”

Dale says his side’s focus this week will be on trying to repeat the intensity that got them to the final. “We won’t be doing too much different but we will need to play with the same sort of passion if we are going to do well.”

Dale says that given their two previous wins in the competition against them, High School Old Boys will start the final as favourites. “The teams are so close this season. We need to come to the final with real purpose and intent. We know we will play well if we can do that.”

Sydenham will not be doing too much different in training this week. “There is always intensity in finals week and I don’t doubt this week will be any different.”

A feature of the Sydenham side is the number of former Colts players who have come through the grades. “The younger guys have really complemented our more experienced players.” Undoubtedly Crusader Tyler Bleyendaal will have an impact, as he did in their semi-final. 

Dale says while his players were satisfied to win their semi-final last weekend, they were not getting ahead of themselves. “They (the players) know that they have one big match left this season. They will be ready for the final.”

The Sydenham club will be right behind their side. “Buses will be heading down to Rugby Park from the club while there will be plenty of club supporters down at the ground,” Dale says. “It’s going to be a big day for us.”


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