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Pre-season Training

Secondary School players who invest in quality pre-season training unquestionably reap the rewards when it comes to selection and performance as the season unfolds.
So what sort of pre-season training are we talking about? It's calledit base training and is essentially running and interval based with some simple functional work thrown in. If you look into the background of a lot of the Crusader players, you'll discover a high level of aerobic fitness came first to them back when they were playing school boy rugby. They didn't have the luxury of gyms and such like - they ran, used their own body weight to gain strength and power and then ran some more. This type of training builds endurance and therefore extends the time until fatigue sets in.

The Crusader Secondary School Pre-season training plan is available HERE.

Download the training plan first then watch the folowing short videos that demonstrate the exercises featured.


Base Builder Exercises


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