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Honey Badger Stars for Glenmark

2 Jul 2015

Glenmark Honey Badger It’s a senior match played under lights the Thursday before last Easter. Two proud Country clubs are playing their hearts out; their minds distracted from their forthcoming holiday by the match they are in the middle of. Glenmark wing Jeremy Bond (21) makes a break up the middle. There is almost a choir-like chorus in response. “Go the Honey Badger,” the crowd yells, the shouts travelling effortlessly in the cool night air. Bond is hauled down just five meters short of the opposition line, but Glenmark still manages to score when they recycle the ball.

In a time when characters in the game are not as common as they once were, Jeremy Bond is a hark-back of sorts to a more innocent time. Why the Honey Badger? Think of colourful Wallaby Nick Cummins, known as the Honey Badger, and it is not hard to see the reasoning behind Bond’s nickname.

Bond is relaxed about the comparison. “It’s a bit of a laugh isn’t it? I could think of worse people to be compared with than an international winger.”

The physical resemblance aside, Bond is one of the most promising North Canterbury players in the senior ranks. Named in the sub-union squad to tour Queensland next month, Bond hails from Amberley (where he still lives) and he made the Rangiora first fifteen as a 14-year-old. From a sporty family - his four sisters are all quality netballers - he spent last season at a rugby academy in Tauranga.

“It was a wonderful opportunity. Not only did I learn a huge amount about the game, but I mixed with so many guys from around the world. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

Bond, who says that his dad Allan has been a major influence on his rugby, has returned home an energetic and tactically-astute wing. While he has had a groin injury, he says his freshman senior year has gone well. “Thankfully, I am over that now and I can play some uninterrupted quality rugby.”

Glenmark co-coach Hugh Murchison says that Bond is a character on and off the field. “He’s a confidence player alright and he certainly adds a spark to our side.”

Bond, who is a roofer at the moment, says that he plans to buy house in the near future. He says people might be surprised that off the field he is “pretty chilled out” and that he rides a Harley Davidson. Then again, they might not be.


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